Oct 21, 2008


10th Sept 2008,wednesday....

Site : The valley of Dome Spine on HBP Premise..

Actors : Hbpians..

some of the hbpians that involved on the dome's day...
  • Starting at 10.00am,cik wan was given some briefing to all the hbpians about the dome's day in the lecture hall(E48)..
  • Then,the registration session for all the teams at the Temple(near the resource centre) ..
  • Also submitting the report and photo registration there...all the teams posed with their product..^^
  • After that,we went to the our site which is already given by cik wan refer to the no of the team.
  • The completing process for the dome was happened at the site..all the team wanted to decorate their dome n also do the finishing touch for it..
  • There some picture that are taken on the dome's day....>>
enjoy the dome's day..1st step at the temple!posing...^^

waiting for the turn to register..we need to q up!'jgn memotong ea?"huhu..

others team posed with their dome..cute dome,guys!!>>

my team posed with the 'white hero'..(our dome xcely)huhu^^

i like this one..unic rite??made from the paper or mebi cardboard..dunno much!but cute..huhu..

12pm already...all the teams were tired n got the restwhile waiting for Cik Wan to check their dome..so hot!

The dome's day is finish by 1.00pm..all the hapians went back to the hostel and got their lunch..some of them didnt came back to the hostel and stay back at the HBP premise and waiting for the next lecture at 2.00pm..all of them enjoy their day and having fun at this dome's day..many types of the dome we can see at the site..all of the dome were very unique and had their own style n personality depends on the team members..other than that,they also got so many experience in this day especially about the constuction..

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