Jul 28, 2010

beezee beezunn

Need to settle down all the assignments..-_-"
>>studio project..
-group members yang TERBEK!!
[Lew Cheng Keok,Ang Soo Ling,Hazirah,Haszrul,Hathim& me]
>>New assigment for Admin Law
-grouping one
-submission[on sept]~like.like.like=)
>>this weekend~wanna go holiday to Perhentian Island[studio trip]
-will got the new assignment 4sure..-_-"
-going back 2 my hometown but will never got chance to go back home..dislike!dislike!=(
-lecturer y besh!semangat.semangat nk g klas BI..ayuh kawan2!!:)

itu saja..bye~


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